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PSEL was launched by Mr. Pankaj Asija, the Founder and Chairperson, it was the fruition of a dream. A dream to bring world-class educational opportunities to Hisar. A dream to develop great leaders who exude excellence. It was a tribute to a great visionary Mr. Rajender Asija, his father.

For one who made his professional debut as a teacher, education has always been Mr. Pankaj's foremost passion. PSEL is a bold pioneering initiative in education in India. Founding an institute has been an extraordinary journey, from an idea to design, planning and execution in record time. Mr. Pankaj Asija often reflects on how passionately he has been engaged with this initiative, "I have seen this Institute grow as a mother watches her child. Every step that this has taken has given me delight. Every step has given and will give me enormous satisfaction and contentment."

From day one, the focus we have on building a world-class education system with an Indian mind, an Indian heart and an Indian soul – an institute that offers a blend of nationally and internationally acclaimed educational opportunities. On providing an educational experience that engenders excellence and student's all-round development, in an environment that fosters the joy of learning.

Institute's motto "Dare to Dream... Learn to Excel" encapsulates our aspirations and the enormity of effort required to bring about excellence in every facet of the School's endeavours. This philosophy has permeated every element of the School: curriculum, pedagogy, staff selection and professional development, co-curricular life, international links, service to community and parents' participation.

Leading from the front, Mr. Pankaj Asija had ensured that PSEL will become one of the most admired educational institute in India and worldwide and today we see his words coming true. Putting together an exceptional team of faculty and administrators from across India and around the world, transforming good teachers into great teachers and developing good students into outstanding ones, the school has become a centre of learning filled with staff and students of extraordinary commitment. For Mr. Pankaj Asija, who never wanted anything less than the best for this School, this treasured journey has been the realization of a shared vision.

In Mr. Asija's words, "We realize the national importance of building sustainable institutions of excellence. We understand that excellence is not a competence or ability. Excellence arises from excellent minds. Excellence is an attitude, a mindset."

Mr. Asija's PSEL the most desired educational institute accomplishments, in less than a decade of its inception, demonstrate its strong foundations of excellence and values. The institute has been modestly successful in creating a robust foundation for children to grow into creative, compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and capable human beings. We hope that the same energy and enthusiasm continues to inspire the entire PSEL community to make it a timeless institution, for generations to come...

Our children are the future of our nation. We want them to excel as students, make a success of their careers, be responsible citizens and, above all, be good human beings. Our children must be inspired to look ahead and prepare themselves
for finding their own unique place in the country and in the rapidly
globalizing world. We dedicate ourselves to transform
this dream of ours, this vision, into reality."


Academy for:- English Speaking, Communication Skills, Personality Developement & Interviews.

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