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Communication Skills

A beautiful art or skill to present ideas and thoughts called communication skills. Whatever the language it may so to communicate but way should be captivating to enchant listener. Way to communicate in any profession is only there to get on top, you may take examples from our history being it: Mahatma Gandhi, swami viveka nand, and sh. atal bihari Vajpayee many more. Teacher becomes best with the way he talks, businessman gets more profit: we can say it is the part of daily life. It helps in group discussions, presentations, negotiation, interviews and many more things. So, come and experience our effective professional communication training in Hisar - India.
This is too of 45 days programme and entails below content:

  • Communication skills (45 days)
      1. Presentation skills
      2. Group discussions
      3. Interviews
      4. Fluency development
        • Debates
        • Role plays
        • Vocabulary
        • Proverbs
        • Idioms
        • Phrases
      5. Seminars
      6. Reading
      7. Listening ( pronunciation, tone ,mind fluency)
      8. Body language


Academy for:- English Speaking, Communication Skills, Personality Developement & Interviews.

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